Feature: Le Turbo Build

Every now and then, we find a diamond in the rough. This bike has been hanging in the back of the shop for almost a year now, but no- one has really paid much attention to it, until now.


Le Turbo bikes were manufactured in South Africa in the late 80’s and early 90’s. While they mostly focused on high- end road bikes and track bikes, they also built a couple of BMX’s back in the day. Our prime example is a classic pista frame. At the moment though, we don’t really know much about it, but as the build goes on, we promise to do more research on the origins of this bike and it’s frame.

So first thing’s first, the chassis is obviously an old steel classic. At the moment it has an Ambrosio rear wheel built with some cheap, likely Chinese hub. The front though, is a Mavic hoop with a Suntour Superb hub in the middle. Luckily, we also have the rear rim and hub, so we will be building that to match the front. At the moment the rear hub is able to free wheel, but to build this bike into a proper, old- school tracky, we’re gonna change that.

There’s no crank on the bike at the moment, but we’re thinking of an old Dura Ace track crank or perhaps Campy. This gem doe, however, have a Cinelli Pista handle bar and stem, which we’ll be polishing up and making it look nice. The bars beg for some brown, leather tape, which is also on its way.

The bike currently has a Selle Italia Concord from the same era as the frame, but it is a little worse for wear, so it, too, will be replaced with a period saddle.


At the moment it’s all just big dreams, but we’re gathering parts and making plans, so watch this space!


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