Review: Specialized S- Works Power saddle long term

Specialized got some weird looks when they released their new Power saddle a while ago. It’s like nothing anyone has seen before.  On a road bike at least. This saddle looks more like it would be at home on a TT than on a normal, everyday road bike, but the thinking behind it isn’t that far-fetched.

The problem with a conventional road saddle (if you have a problem with it) is that the nose of the saddle gets in the way. Especially if you have a big saddle to handlebar drop.

Specialized did extensive blood flow testing when developing the Power saddle focussing heavily on perineal pressure and blood flow. Because of all this testing, the saddle has a very big cut- out and a very stubby nose.


There are 4 different models of the Power saddle. The Comp, the Expert, the Pro and the S- Works. The Comp model is the base model with a plastic base and chromoly rails. The Expert upgrades the rails to titanium and the Pro upgrades the base to carbon. The S- Works model has carbon rails and a carbon base.

The S- Works model also has the least padding. I actually preferred the harder S- Works saddle to the softer Comp and Expert models. The shape of this saddle is really well thought out, so having all the soft padding messes that up a bit.

The big cut out and stubby made for excellent comfort. On my first rides I would purposely try to get very low in the front to see how comfortable the saddle would be and not once did the nose get in the way. I was very pleasantly surprised.

After 8 months of use, the saddle has only gotten better as it has started to take the shape of my butt. This saddle has been a revolution and has had a massive impact on my riding.


The saddle is beautifully constructed as well. After about 8 months of use it still shows no signs of wear or use. The carbon rails are beautifully moulded onto the base, all making for a seamless, sleek looking saddle.

All in all, for R3999 the S- Works model might be a bit overkill. It is the lightest, but the Pro model with the titanium rails has the same padding and carbon base as the S- Works model. But if you want the best of the best and to be able to show off your full carbon saddle, then this might be the saddle for you.


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